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All-purpose sheet protective flooring Grass Comfort

    One of the major questions for any representative of the sports industry is the most effective use of the sports areas. The ideal decision is to use specialized floorings for sports objects transformation. Sportmechanics Ltd was the first company in Russia to manufacture a kind of flooring which serves for transformation and protection of pitches and playgrounds with artificial and natural turf, and also for creation of a mobile platform practically on any surface.



Grass Comfort –  sheet protective flooring for artificial turf pitches. This flooring is necessary for holding not-sportive events, which presumes numerous spectators. Such flooring perfectly protects expensive football pitch turf from trample and deformation. Also, usage of such flooring helps to get good economic revenue from giving stadiums for rent for holding not-sportive events..                                                                                                                                               




                                             Upper side


                                   Lower side


 Polyethylene flooring consists of 2 parts:

-lower cell structure, cell size 55х55mm. This structure does not
damage natural turf and artificial carpet.

Grass Comfort flooring advantages: 

- bottom cell structure allows to minimize contact with grass and distribute evenly  the loading over the all covered area;  

- the flooring does not have seams due to special fastening system, which allows to minimize liquids and dust penetration (e.g. spilled drinks, tobacco ashes or food) and also prevents any gaps and breaks which can cause injuries for the people; 

 - simple fastening system of the flooring allows to control easily natural turf state by taking out some sheets of flooring;

- easy and quick installation allows to install and uninstall the flooring during short period of time with minimal manpower resources involvement.

Grass Comfort flooring specification:

Form: sheet 

Width: 1150 mm.

Length: 1150 mm

Thickness of the flooring: 35 mm



1 sheet weight: ≈ 15 kg

Temperature operative conditions from -15 to +50 °С

Loading: static load 35 ton/m2

Warranty period: 1 year (if all storage conditions and environment have been observed)

Operating period: enclosed space – at least 10 years, open areas (with direct ultraviolet radiation) – at least 5 years

Storage and transportation conditions: Grass Comfort flooring must be transported and stored in pallets

Maintenance: the flooring can be swept, mopped, brushed and washed under strong water flow. The flooring is resistant to any powder and liquid cleaning agents.





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